Interested in joining the Latin Grammar family of scholars?  

Our school is currently serving students in grades K-2 for the 2016-2017 school year and will be adding third grade in the 2017-2018 school year. Unfortunately, our school is fully enrolled for the current school year and applications for 2017-2018 are now closed. If you're interested in joining us in the future, please stay tuned for available tour dates. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Required Documentation for Registration Upon Acceptance:

  • Ear, Eye and Dental Screening on a GA FORM 3300 (Obtain from your physician, your dentist completes the dental portion)
  • Immunization Certificate on a GA FORM 3231 (Obtain this document from your physician)
  • Certified Original Birth Certificate (No copies)
  • Students Original Social Security Card (No copies)
  • Social security numbers card must be presented to list on any enrollment documents. If you elect not to use the card waivers are available in local schools.

Residency Verification (Must Reside in the Fulton County School District)

Per Board Policy JBC, "School Admissions," persons enrolling a student shall submit two documents as proofs of residency in the parent/guardian(s) name from the school’s system's approved list of verifiable residency documents: 

If your address on your ID matches your current month Electric, Water or Gas bill that will suffice. If your address on your ID does not match your current month Electric, Water or Gas bill, you will need your ID,  one of the approved utility bills from list 1 and one item from list 2 as shown below.

1st from the approved utility list as shown here: (No cable or telephone bills)

  • Current Month Electric
  • Current Month Water  
  • Current Month Gas bill

2nd from the approved list below:

  • Lease, Deed, Home Mortgage Bill, Section 8/HUD Document
  • Home Sales Contract
  • Current Month Bank Statement with matching address
  • Current Paycheck with matching address
  • Current HOA bill with matching address

 NOTE: If proof of residency is not in the parent/guardian(s) name and you live with someone that person must come with you to register your child with the above mentioned approved proofs of residency and their ID.

  •       Most Recent Report Card or Withdrawal Form from previous school and/or transcripts. These are essential for proper placement of students. 
  •       Parent(s) Government Issued Photo ID acceptable forms: Current State Driver’s license, Current US Passport, State ID Card or Federal/State Work ID.

2017-2018 Enrollment lottery Results

To view results of the lottery for acceptance into LGS for 2017-2018, please click here.

tour/information sessions for prospective students

Please stay tuned for tour dates and times.

Information Session RSVP

TO APPLY FOR THE 2018-2019 School Year CLICK HERE and select THE LATIN SCHOOLS.


PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see a grade level listed, that means there is no availability for that grade. In addition all students applying for Kindergarten MUST BE 5 years of age on or before 9/1/2018 to apply.